Tumble Tots - walking to 2 years programme

Now that your child has started to walk confidently they will attempt a varied range of tasks on various pieces of equipment improving motor skills particularly in balance and co-ordination. Your child will also be introduced to nursery/body identification rhymes and action songs helping towards language development. Again with the assistance of parents/carers, the classes gently stimulate body awareness and encourage the confident walker to attempt climbing, jumping and rolling. 


Aims and Objectives 

  • Develop their motor skills in aspects of Agility, Balance, Climbing and Co-ordination by providing a specific range of equipment to encourage them to learn how to control their movements more precisely.
  • Build on their interest in words through body identification action songs which are specially chosen to encourage language development.
  • Provide a class structure that allows them the opportunity to explore freely.
  • Teach them to watch and copy or follow simple instructions.
  • Encourage children to take turns and to share.
  • Help them to be more independent by teaching them how to go up and down, climb ladders and balance on different equipment.
  • Develop their self-motivation and confidence by constantly introducing new challenges, which are within their capabilities.
  • Introduction to the feeling of well being which is produced when physical exercise releases tension to leave a pleasurable feeling of relaxation.
  • Widen their social relationship and help to develop their social skills.
  • New challenges to keep child self-motivated and constantly gaining confidence.



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