Over a million children from 6 months to 7 years old have already enjoyed  the Tumble Tots active physical play programme every week since 1979. We have been developing children’s motor skills and confidence through physical activity since 1979 and offer parents and children the benefits through 500 centres nationwide. Once you attend your local session  you need to become a member of the Tumble Tots National Club. 

 There are two types of membership; Standard Membership and Membership Plus.  The cost for Standard Membership is £23.00 and £28.00 for Membership Plus (including VAT).  Within both of the packs children will receive the Tumble Tots iconic T-shirt  to wear with pride. Below are the details of what is contained in each pack

Standard Membership

Membership Plus

Standard Membership contains:

  • Tumble Tots iconic t-shirt
  • Membership Card
  • Membership Handbook click on the link to see more offers
  • 10 Great Action Songs CD
  • Gym Bag
  • Annual subscription to Right Start parenting magazine
  • Online Tumble Talk Newsletter (contains news around the centres and competitions to enter)
  • Personal Accident Insurance


Membership Plus:

  • All of the above
  • A5 quality sticker book with various activities and pages for collecting class stickers
  • Action Songs DVD
  • £5.00 online shop voucher (when spending more than £9.99 excluding P&P)



Once you have become a member and wish to renew the following year we have a renewal /sibling rate of £21.50 or membership plus renewal/sibling of £26.50.


As a Tumble Tots member your child will enjoy:

  • A sense of belonging to a friendly, fun club.
  • A membership pack with child specific gifts like DVD, CD.
  • Pleasure through developing language and listening skills.
  • Learning to mix and share with other children.


As a parent, you will benefit from:

MEMBERS HANDBOOK that can be found in the membership pack. In addition to information about Tumble Tots Classes the Members Handbook has a range of privileges including discounts to family attractions, products and services. 

Updated and new privileges which are added regularly at the Tumble Tots Members Offers website 

Meeting and socialising with other like minded parents.

One year’s subscription to Right Start Magazine.


Right Start magazines 

To find out about your session fees contact your local centre.