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Returning in September for classes

Autumn Term 2020

Tumble Tots Brighton


Autumn Half Term

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A big hello from all of us at TT Brighton, we hope you have all kept well (and sane) during these unusual and unsettling times.

We know from the huge number of emails that we have recovered that you are keen to get your pre-schoolers back into daily routines and we want to be leading your tots round our centres again.

Following on from the email you will have received from TT HQ we wanted to let you know what we have been thinking from a local perspective and what we are doing to ensure that we can get back to classes asap. As HQ reported we are hopeful that we will be able to restart classes in September but will only do that following government guidance and ensuring that everyone can remain safe and classes are sustainable.

Classes will probably have to look a little bit different too before but we are certain that we can ensure they will remain challenging, encouraging and most importantly fun.

As government guidelines currently prevent pre-school children’s activities we are limited to only taking interest at this stage.  We will do this in the form of a waiting list.

We are in talks with our centres about how this “new normal” might look for us when the green light for return is possible. We will be working on new risk assessments for each age group at each centre.  We will only sign these off when they are deemed fun AND safe.

We wont be taking any money until we have confirmation that the term can commence from local authorities.  We will also run short terms to ensure that if a second wave appears we can pause and re-start.

Existing members we have sent you mail about returning.  Please check your mail.

Any questions, queries or concerns please call James on 07774 123 814.