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August updates on Autumn Term 2020

New class layouts and sizes.

Tumble Tots Brighton


Autumn Half Term

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Hey everyone.  Hope you are enjoying the warm weather we’ve been experiencing recently, or like us on holiday in the south west, the rain showers LOL.

We will be back next week and will look to update further on classes returning in September.  We are in close negotiations with venues and the relevant authorities as to when we can return safely to classes. We have a plan that will allow children to take part in our classes in a safe, but fun way.

At this point re-opening looks like this…

Mondays – All, Saints in Hove, 7th September – Class times will change, classes will be capped at 15.  Waiting lists are now open.  Please join them via the Book Now page..

Tuesdays – Kings Church in Lewes – Potentially 7th September, however we haven’t had much of a response so far for the classes.  If you are keen on Lewes, please get in touch.

Thursdays – Old Boat Community Centre in Hollingbury – Potentially last week of September will re-open, so hopefully we may be able to start in early October.

Friday – Quayside Youth Centre in Southwick – We are looking for a new venue as we don’t feel social distancing is possible in the current hall.  If you know of any available spaces, please let us know.

Saturdays – St Peters School in Portslade, Currently we are unable to rent school halls until at least October half term, we will look for another central Portslade venue.

Things are looking up, so hopefully we will be able to start Tumbling your tots very soon.