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Hove Waiting lists Update – May 2021

Not too long to wait, now.

3rd May 2021

Tumble Tots Brighton

Hey everyone.  Returning to classes has been fantastic, however with the limitations placed upon us have meant that our classes are now strictly limited numbers.

This has meant that we have experienced long waiting lists in our Hove centre that we are slowly making our way through.  We had over 300 at the end of lockdown and we are now down to <150.

We also open classes on Saturday mornings in our Hove venue, meaning more space.

So if you are thinking of joining us for a trial, please do join the waiting list and keep an eye on your emails in the meantime.  The faster you can respond to our communications, the quicker we can get you into a class.

In the meantime, we have spaces in our Lewes and Hollingbury centres, therefore if you fancy jumping in the car and coming for a trial, you can see if you like us, whilst maintaining your space in the Hove queue.

If you would like to talk to me about the classes or your trial session and how it works, please do call me, I am happy to give you an estimate of how long the wait might be and your options in the short term.

I would hope that by September, we can get every child into the class of their preferred venue and time-slot.

Thank you for your patience at this time.