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We’re winners in the Hoop Awards!

Congratualtions to all our franchisees

4th April 2019

Head Office

Over 100,000 votes were cast in the 2019 Awards to find the UK’s favourite kids activities and celebrate the people and organisations that go above and beyond to entertain, educate and inspire your children!

13 of our franchisees were nominated for 18 awards (some for 3 each!) in either ‘Best for Babies’, ‘Best for Toddlers’ or ‘Best for Getting Active’ categories.

Congratulations to all of our franchisees who won a Hoop Award! We are very proud of them all and they truly deserve to be recognised for what they do in the children’s activities sector, well done everyone.


Helen Davey Tumble Tots Reading ‘Hoop Hero – Berkshire’

One of our lucky franchisees won a ‘Hoop Hero’ award this year. Our children all have someone special in their lives that go the extra mile to make them smile, inspire them with wonder or teach them a skill they’ll love for life and the ‘Hoop Hero’ award recognises family activity professionals who have made the biggest impact local families in the last year. Congratulations Helen from Reading for winning this award.

What our parents said about Helen:
“Always full of energy, genuinely interested in baby development, always making everything fun!”

“Helen taught my daughter to climb within a week and always greets her with a smile and remembers her name despite seeing probably hundreds of children a week. She’s just fab!”

“She always encourages my son to always have a go. He has gained more confidence going to Tumble Tots”


Kassie Knight Tumble Tots Amersham ‘Best for Getting Active – Buckinghamshire’

Juliet Newman Tumble Tots Hertford ‘Best for Getting Active – Hertfordshire’

Chantel Walton Tumble Tots Northampton ‘Best for Getting Active – Northamptonshire’

Helen Davey Tumble Tots Reading ‘Best for Babies – Berkshire’

Helen Davey Tumble Tots Reading ‘Best for Getting Active – Berkshire’

Clio Barton Tumble Tots Winchester ‘Best for Getting Active – Hampshire’


Carla Hamilton Tumble Tots Bolton ‘Best for Getting Active – Greater Manchester’

Brendan & Sarah Wiseglass Tumble Tots Epsom ‘Best for Getting Active – Surrey’

Monique Brennan Tumble Tots Huddersfield ‘Best for Getting Active – Sheffield’

Michelle Lee Tumble Tots Newcastle ‘Best for Getting Active – Newcastle’

Chantel Walton Tumble Tots Northampton ‘Best for Toddlers – Northamptonshire’

Leonie Brady Tumble Tots St Albans ‘Best for Getting Active – Hertfordshire’

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