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27th September 2021


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In 1999, at a kitchen table in Somerset, Hippychick was born. It was Julia Minchin’s table and it was her first product – the innovative back-saving Hipseat – that got everything started.

From there Hippychick has blossomed into a booming business committed to helping new parents on their journey through parenthood – offering a helping hand with practical solutions for the tricky bits, and a plethora of beautifully designed luxury toys and gifts that you’ll want to treasure forever – long after your children have flown the nest.

Hippychick is here to help make the tricky bits just a little bit easier, with hundreds of practical solutions to daily problems.  Many of our products are our own invention.  But we also collaborate with other parents (they’re the experts after all) who have lightbulb moments that we help develop and take to market.


H – we’re a HAPPY family business.  We have a fantastic team of people who truly love what they do.

I – we pride ourselves on being well-INFORMED as well as Informative.  We’ve been in the business for 21 years which has given us a bit of time to learn a thing or two about parenting.

P – many of the Hippychick team are PARENTS themselves which helps us to relate closely to the needs of our customers

P – we’re immensely PROUD of our product portfolio as well as our brilliant team of people

Y – we’re always positive and like to say YES!

C – we’re a CAN-DO/glass half full kind of business

H – ok, we live on the doorstep of the Glastonbury Festival so purely by our location, we can surely refer to ourselves as HIP!

I – IDEAS – we’re brimming with them and that’s why so many of our products are the most innovative & inspired you will find on the market

C – CUSTOMER SERVICE is everything to us.  And we’re pretty sure you agree, judging by the amount of 5* reviews popping up on our website daily!

K – we love the idea of KINDNESS and having a genuine affinity with our customers


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