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Top Tips in the Classes

All the do's and don'ts for classes including advice on what to wear!

2nd September 2021

Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd

• When your child receives their membership pack, encourage them to wear their t-shirt in classes to feel part of the club!

• Before you leave and in the case of severe weather conditions, please check your text messages, emails, our website or Facebook page for closures.

• Please dress children in suitable clothing to allow for better movement and avoid jewellery, dummies or any clothing that can catch on the equipment or cause injury.

• Barefoot is best (and safest) for children as this helps with their development. Grown-ups can wear shoes if they aren’t high heels or heavy boots as these can hurt small fingers or toes.

• Please take your child to the toilet before classes begin to save interruption (this is especially important for the over 3’s classes).

• If you need to bring a sibling along to class, please be aware that they are unable to participate or play on the equipment as they will not be covered by insurance. We recommend bringing something to occupy them such as a book or colouring.

• Make sure you arrive in plenty of time and register your child at the desk

• Hand sanitiser will be readily available at each venue/class with staff, parents, and children being asked to engage regularly in hand sanitising.

• Parents are fully responsible for their children in the under 3’s classes. We ask that you work directly with your child, encouraging and assisting where necessary. Support your child by holding the back of their T-Shirt so their hands are free for climbing and to aid balance.

• In the over 3’s classes, grown-ups are not actively involved but must always remain on the premises.

• Children are asked not to eat or drink on the equipment but if they need refreshments, you are welcome to take them to the waiting area.

• Please do not take any photographs or videos during the classes and refrain from using mobile phones so your child has your full attention.

• Do not let children onto the equipment before or after classes. Please move to the waiting area so we can set-up safely for the next class.

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