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EXCLUSIVE 20% off Stick-O Toys!

All Tumble Tots fans can enjoy 20% OFF Stick-O by using the discount code TT2022 at www.sticko.co.uk

10th March 2022


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Stick-O is the funky, chunky, magnetic building blocks toy designed specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Made by Magformers – the world’s leading magnetic construction toy brand from South Korea – Stick-O’s large pieces are perfectly suited to younger children and bring a whole new dimension to educational play.

Superfun, safe and durable, kids can have endless enjoyable hours making all sorts of cute and imaginative 2D and 3D creations and the toy is also a great introduction to the wonderful world of magnets.

Stick-O’s chunky, easy-to-hold pieces (some with special ‘grippy grooves’) encourage young children to develop their motor skills and creativity through building and role play.

Just like Magformers, Stick-O features the unique Rotating Magnets System. Small, strong disc magnets are safely sealed in every piece and rotate, so opposite poles always connect, making model-building frustration-free for children.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers can enjoy a choice of 11 different themed sets including a Cooking Set, a City Set (which makes pull-back-and-go planes and cars) and a Forest Friends animals set. While two new sets for 2022 include rattlers and shakers for sensory play.

Lots of good toy shops and stores now stock Stick-O, including John Lewis, Kidly.co.uk, Bambinista and Amazon.

All Tumble Tots fans can enjoy 20% OFF Stick-O by using the discount code TT2022 at www.sticko.co.uk.

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