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You can however edit your bookmarks and create new ones manually. For instance, if you have already bookmarked Weybridge and would like to bookmark Newcastle as well, you would go to your 'Manage Bookmarks...' (Firefox), or 'Organise Favorites...' (IE) and simply create a new bookmark with the following URL

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Opening the Display Properties dialogue box

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Control panel - changing display resolution and colours settings

Colo(u)r quality

This pull down box will contain the current colour options available. It will depend on your grahics card and monitor, for best results select the highest option available (16 bit is acceptable but 24 bit or 32 bit is better).

Screen resolution

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If you don't like the new setting, repeat the operation and revert to what it was before (probably 'Standard'). You can then curse me for making you waste your time :-)

Font smooting control panel

When you have finished simply close the Display properties box.