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Fun Adventures Episode 6 Available NOW!

Space Hoppers

16th August 2018


Come and join in with the fun adventures of TT, Spike, Jo Jo, Leesey and Jack their cute little puppy. Go with them as they crawl through their magic tunnel transporting them to different imaginary worlds where anything can happen!

The children are talking about the planets and stars and when they are transported into their imaginary world they find themselves in Space! Watch as they hop from different planets meeting some very interesting characters, Peta the Astronaut with her pet Binzi and Meeto, Greeto and Neeto.

Sing 3 lovely songs – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Peter Hammers and Three Little Men In A Flying Saucer available NOW on Amazon Prime.

You can also buy the Tumble Tots Fun Adventures DVD featuring episodes 1 – 3 on the Tumble Tots Online Shop.