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Virtual Discovery Day 2021

Find out everything you need to know about owning and running a Tumble Tots Franchise

5th January 2022

Tumble Tots HQ

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Join our head office team on Zoom Thursday 3rd February 11am – 13pm for an informative overview of our franchise opportunities.


• Tumble Tots Introduction and History
• Running a Franchise within a Designated Territory
• Our Programme, Technical Training and Ongoing Support
• National Brand Marketing and Individual Assistance
• Business Operations and Personalised Reviews
• Q&As with an Existing and Experienced Franchisee
• Making the next steps…

Tumble Tots is a physical play programme for pre-school children and their parents. Children attend weekly classes where staff help them develop their physical, social, and cognitive skills.

All our classes use a range of bespoke colourful wooden, foam and hand held equipment which was developed by our founder especially for early years and cannot be found in other children’s activity classes.

Our programme consists of five classes, each of which have been tailored to suit the specific age and developmental stage of the children attending. Staff work with the children and their parents to help them develop their agility, balance, climbing, and co-ordination, enhancing brain development and building confidence.

Franchising is first and foremost about partnership. We work with you in order to help you and your business succeed.

By definition, a franchise is the right or licence granted by a company (franchisor) to an individual (franchisee) to market and/or trade products and services in a specific area or territory.

The running process is clearly described for the franchisee in our operations manual, and we give comprehensive training on how to operate the business as well as provide the visible elements such as trademarks, logos, uniforms, and so on.

Once a franchise has been purchased, the franchisee must comply with strict guidelines and rules regarding the business in order to maintain brand consistency.

As well as the initial franchise fee, a franchisee will need to pay other fees to the franchisor for equipment, insurance, training, support and marketing assistance.

Tumble Tots Franchisees are designated a territory in which they operate and market their classes. They must find suitable venues in different areas of that territory to serve the target audience.

Franchisees will then put together timetables of the prescribed classes and promote these to attract customers. Typically a franchisee will run each class every day they operate (or more if there is demand) in each different venue.

Tumble Tots is a mobile franchise and franchisees are required to transport the equipment in a van each day to their venues and set up the equipment in different layouts for each class, with the help of their staff.

If you want to be your own boss and run your own business, but you are not sure about where to start, franchising could be an excellent opportunity. We provide guidance on what resources you need, how to market products and services, and how to hire and train employees.

The business model has already been proven to be successful, so as long as Tumble Tots franchisees run their business properly, they too will succeed. No prior experience is necessary as full training in all aspects are provided.

Tumble Tots is a leader in the children’s activity sector, with over 40 years’ experience and excellent brand reputation. Combining this with both national advertising from head office and local promotion from the franchisee will help fill your classes.

For more information, please email  or call 0121 585 7003.

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