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NEW Sensory Corner!

In the 6 Months - Walking Class

22nd August 2019

Tumble Tots children's activities sensory Corner Balls


From September 2019, we will be introducing a brand-new Sensory Corner to our 6 Months – Walking class to encourage our little ones’ development even further.

Research shows that babies need physical activity and other stimulating experiences such as sensory interaction to build and strengthen the connections between their brain cells. In our 6 Months – Walking class, babies will now experience both physical and sensory experiences in an environment full of interesting textures, sights and sounds.

As well as our bespoke colourful wooden and foam equipment, babies will have the chance to play with Wooden Mirror Shapes, Sensory Balls, Lights and more, in addition to our hand-held co-ordination equipment.

The sensory addition to this class will help to shape little one’s behaviour, memory, emotions, intelligence and other essential cognitive skills which are crucial for baby’s development.


Babies need to practice their grabbing and grasping by touching things that vary in size, texture and weight to help build skills required for play in our later classes. Touch also stimulates parts of the brain that control action, coordination and thinking.

The Sensory Corner has many different textured objects, but babies will also experience other surfaces on the wooden and foam equipment in the rest of the class including hard, soft, bumpy and smooth!



Babies enjoy visually complex patterns which helps to develop a sharper and clearer sense of vision. Children’s sight is not fully developed until around 5 years’ old which is why continual visual stimulation is so important.

All the Tumble Tots equipment is brightly coloured to engage a baby’s visual perception, as well as lots of different patterns including our distinctive red and yellow mats!


Babies need sound experiences, verbal interactions and rhymes to start building their speech and language skills. Listening and playing with different sounds contributes to the all-round development of their brain.

The music in our 6 Months – Walking Class has been tailored to aid babies hearing and the new Sensory Corner has plenty of interesting sounds for babies to engage with!


Sensory Benefits

  • Helps build neural connections in the brain
  • Encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Supports language development
  • Initial exposure to problem solving
  • Includes engagement with movement and balance

Please click here to find your nearest centre and book a 6 Months – Walking Class.

*Please note that new The Sensory Corner may not be available in all our 6 Months – Walking classes across the country and we recommend that you check with your franchisee beforehand.

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