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10 Reasons to come to Tumble Tots

12th September 2019


1. It’s Fun for Everyone!

Tumble Tots is not only fun for little ones but grownups too! Parents, grandparents and carers actively take part in sessions with children until they reach the 3 Years – School Age class, helping with their development and spending precious time together.

2. Fully Trained Staff

All our staff are fully trained to make sure you and your little one have the best possible experience and we always have one member of staff to every six children so we can work closely with your child to bring out the best in them.

3. Bespoke Equipment

Not only is our equipment brightly coloured and fun, but it has also been specially designed for pre-school children. Each individual piece is handmade to a high standard and helps to aid different aspects of physical development in your child.

4. Aids Development

Our programme is designed to help your little one’s physical skills of agility, balance climbing and co-ordination and at the same time also enhancing their brain development, social skills and so many other areas of a child’s overall development.

5. Forty Years’ Experience

We have been running Tumble Tots classes since 1979 giving us 40 years of knowledge and experience in child development classes and we are always looking for ways to improve our programme in line with new research to maintain its reputation as the best physical play activity.

6. CAA Accredited

As a founding and fully accredited member of the Children’s Activities Association, you can attend our classes with peace of mind knowing that we run in accordance with the necessary guidelines, providing you and your little one with a safe activity.

7. Age Specific Classes

Each class is tailored to suit the age and stage of a child’s development meaning that your little one will attend sessions with children of a similar age and with similar capabilities. This is to ensure that…

8. Enhancement Towards The EYFS

Not only are our classes tailored to suit the age and stage of your little one’s development, but they also contribute to assisting children reach their EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) milestones.

9. Member Benefits

As well as an initial pack full of goodies, you and your little one will receive additional benefits all year round as part of your annual membership, including free samples, goody bags, offers and discounts on great brands, products, days out and more

10. Skills for Life

Our mission is to help develop children’s essential skills so whatever they learn with us can be applied to life outside the classes, at home, when they go to school and the future beyond Tumble Tots, giving them the best start in life.

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