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Tumble Tots at Home

Providing activities and entertainment to little ones at home!

17th March 2020

Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd

With all the uncertainty and negativity surrounding coronavirus at the moment, we are hoping to provide our members with some continuity and positivity via the wonders of social media!

We know that you and your little ones will be missing classes for the foreseeable future so every day Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd will be streaming your favourite action songs and exercises as well as providing other ideas for activities to do during lockdown.

Although it’s not the same as being in real classes, we want to encourage children to continue being active, healthy and happy, even at home.


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You can join in on Facebook LIVE every weekday at 10am, or if you miss the LIVE session, you can catch up with us later as the videos will be published on Facebook as well as uploaded to IGTV and YouTube.

Tune in on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile OR watch on the big screen! If you have a smart TV, try the Facebook video app on Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Samsung Smart TVs.

Don’t forget to share videos and photos of your little ones joining in at home!


Click here to open or download the timetable

Our franchisees from across the country will also be making videos and sharing them online.

We have added who will be online at what time and on which day to our timetable so you can join your local franchisee for a friendly familiar face.

Click on the slots to visit that Facebook page or download the timetable to print at home and add your own activities in the spaces.


Click here to order your Tumble Tots at Home Pack

We will be practising our co-ordination skills, so if you haven’t already, you can get all the equipment you need from the Tumble Tots Online Shop including the new Tumble Tots at Home Pack which contains:

•  2 Lummi Sticks
•   1 Bean Bag
•   1 Activity Ring
•   1 Streamer

Click here to download the list of alternative co-ordination items and benefits


However, we do have some suggestions for alternative items that you can find in and around the home to use instead!

Activity Ring = Empty Bottle
Balls = Water Bottle/Tins/Toilet Roll
Bean Bags = Teddy/Socks/Small Bottle/Ball of Wool
Lummi Sticks = Wooden Spoons/Chopsticks/Pencils
Streamer = Towel/Napkin/Pillowcase/Scarf

Benefits of Co-ordination Play

•   Helps to build and understand spatial awareness
•   Helps to develop collaborative play
•   Helps to strengthen cognitive development
•   Helps aid Fundamental Movements (Balancing & Agility)
•   Helps to develop Fine Motor Skills


We know that little ones will be missing their stickers as well as classes so we’ve put together some special Tumble Tots at Home sticker designs for you to download and print at home.

You can print these onto regular paper or if you want REAL stickers, we recommend using these round labels from eBay (please note that our design fits 50mm/15 per sheet item only and may not fit other labels).

*Click here to download the stickers to print at home*


During lockdown, we want to keep little ones as entertained as possible so in addition to the LIVE Facebook sessions, we have also been putting together other activities to do at home which help with the development of physical, social and cognitive skills (as well as being super fun!)


We will be uploading a different picture every week for you to download and print off at home.

Click the image to open a printable PDF in a new tab in your browser or right/alt click and select save as.


  1. Gather a selection of boxes or saucepans along with a couple of wooden spoons. Arrange them in a space, put on ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ and bang the boxes just like a drum.
  2. Gather a selection of forks and spoons (or something similar), find a space and ask your little one to make different shapes.


Download our activity grid  and ask little ones to colour in the squares when they’ve completed the task!

*Click here to download the activity grid*

We hope to re-open classes after the Easter holidays but we will update everyone as soon as we have more information.

In the meantime, please enjoy Tumble Tots at Home!

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