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COVID-19 Secure Measures

Keeping children, parents and staff safe in classes

19th August 2020

Tumble Tots

Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd., have taken the necessary steps to ensure our classes and environments remain COVID-19 Secure, please follow these guidelines to help us continue to operate as safely as possible:

We ask that as much as possible, only 1 parent/carer/guardian should attend Tumble Tots classes.
Please avoid bringing any personal belongings into the class environment.
Please follow the directional arrows and signs that have been put up around your class/venue environment.
Only enter the class/venue when instructed to do so by a Tumble Tots team member.
Please follow the Entrance and Exit signage throughout the class/venue environment.
Please use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the class/venue environment, handwashing facilities are also available at each venue.
Those adults who are able, should wear a face mask or covering in line with official Government guidance.
Please maintain a safe social distance between other parents and staff members whilst in the class/venue environment.
Tumble Tots staff will be engaging in frequent cleaning procedures as well as frequent hand sanitising and washing procedures.
Should you or members of your household feel unwell or display any COVID-19 symptoms please do seek medical advice and follow up to date guidance in accordance with COVID-19 testing. Please refrain from attending classes until you have obtained test results, should you test positive please follow the official Government guidance in regard to self-isolating.

By becoming a Tumble Tots member, it is your responsibility, as the parent or guardian, to maintain current Government social distancing measures whilst attending Tumble Tots classes.

Changes to Class Structures

During this time the safety of parents, children, Franchisees and staff remains paramount and we have taken the essential measures to ensure that those attending classes remain as safe as possible whilst still enjoying and gaining the full benefits that our wonderful programme has to offer.

All of the measures that we, Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd., and our Franchisees are taking are based on official advice and guidance, these measures are temporary and will be routinely reviewed and adapted in accordance with future advice and guidance.

Please check with your franchisee regarding their local measures.

6 Months – Walking

The 6 Months – Walking class offers you and your baby a relaxed and fun environment to help assist with key developmental milestones. Our 30-minute class will provide you with equipment to help make Tummy Time enjoyable, engage your baby in Sensory Play, help to build confidence in taking a first step and even start to build memory skills for climbing safely!

Walking – 2 Years

The Walking – 2 Years class offers your little one a 30-minute class where they can learn to control their bodies and movements following a circuit of Tumble Tots equipment! The circuit aims to build a child’s fundamental movement skills whilst allowing them to build their confidence and learn in a playful way. As we are not able to use our Co-ordination Equipment, you will be sent a weekly Activity Sheet to help build your little one’s co-ordination skills at home.

2 – 3 Years

Our careful planning has meant that the 2 – 3 Years Class remains as close to what we all know and love as possible. Tumble Tots who attend the class will be given the opportunity to engage in a structured physical play class, developing their climbing, balance, agility and co-ordination skills. The class aims to challenge and further each child’s individual and specific capabilities.

3 Years – School Age

Our careful planning has meant that the 3 Years – School Age Class remains as close to what we all know and love as possible. Tumble Tots who attend the class will still be given the opportunity to engage in a more structured and independent physical play class which continues to challenge their specific and individual physical capabilities. Whilst attending classes, parents/carers must remain socially distant between one another whether this is in a separate waiting area or the class environment.

Gymbobs (School Age – 7 Years)*

Gymbobs can take part in a 45-minute class which has all of the same aims and objectives as ever before. Our Gymbobs will continue to build their strength and stamina using complexed equipment setups to help, they will also continue to have the opportunity to take part in Warm Up Games and carefully constructed Relay Races! 

*Please note that not all our centres run Gymbobs classes, parents must remain on site for the 3 Years – School Age and Gymbobs classes, annual membership applies, class prices vary across the country and pre-booking is required.

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