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Save 25% on Pura eco-friendly baby care!

Save 25% on Pura eco-friendly baby care – and help change the world from the bottom up!

5th May 2022


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Pura makes it easy for all parents to change to baby care that doesn’t cost the earth.The brand’s range of wipes, nappies and nappy pants are as convenient, affordable, and perform just as well as traditional baby brands – while being less harmful for the planet!
Plastic-free baby wipes

Pura’s 100% plastic-free, biodegradable plant-based wipes contain 99% water, aloe vera, and no nasties. Allergy UK accredited, they’re perfect for newborns, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. They also come in a Water UK certified Fine to Flush flushable version – perfect for flushing when potty training without causing fatbergs. 

The happiest nappies all round

While no disposable nappy gives 100% performance with 0% environmental impact, Pura’s range strikes a happy balance. Available in sizes 1 to 6, they’re made with 100% green electricity, are cotton enhanced for amazing comfort and contain 0% allergens or nasties. A super absorbent plant fibre core also keeps bottoms dry and nappy leak free for up to 12 hours. Happy babies, Happy planet!

Eco nappy pants

Pura’s newest arrivals are eco nappy pants! Designed for active babies, or those ready to potty train, they have stretchy tear-off sides and can be pulled up and down like big kid undies – with the same leakage protection and eco credentials as Pura’s regular nappies. 

So why not help change the world one bottom at a time, and switch to Pura today?

Use the checkout code PURA25TT at mypura.com and save 25% off the eco-awesome range!


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