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Parents are actively involved in the Tumble Tots 6 months to walking, walking to 2 years and 2 to 3 years sessions. We ask that you work directly with your own child to fully understand and enjoy the benefits of the programme. You can best do this in the following ways:

DO: Support your child by holding the back of his/her Tumble Tots T-shirt.

DON'T: Avoid holding his/her hands as these need to be free for climbing and to aid balance.

DO: Children quickly gain confidence when allowed to solve their own problems. It is vital however, that you remain alert at all times to support and encourage where necessary.

DO: In the Tumble Tots 3-School Age and Gymbobs sessions, the children participate without an adult but on some occasions, particularly if a child is new to the class, it may be necessary for a parent to sit in during the first few sessions.

DON'T: Siblings who are not participating in the session must keep off the equipment at all times.

DO: All Tumble Tots and Gymbobs should wear their T-shirts to sessions as this instils a real sense of being part of the Tumble Tots club.

DON'T: Braces and jewellery should not be worn by children whilst involved in sessions.

DO: Bare feet are best for Tumble Tots. Please ensure that suitable leg-wear is worn to allow free movement.

DO: Hair should be tied back, again for safety.

DO: We suggest that parents/guardians wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

DON'T: Please, do not wear high heels or stilettos as they can damage little hands and feet as well as our equipment.

DO: It is important to arrive on time for the start of the class as this allows your child to feel fully involved from the beginning.

DO: Birthdays are given special attention, so please help us to ensure your child enjoys this experience by telling the Leader when you arrive.

DO: During the 3 – School Age and Gymbobs sessions, parents must remain on site at all times.

DON'T: Please do not allow your child on the equipment outside class times.

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