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Gymbobs (School Age - 7 Years)

Gymbobs are the Tumble Tots graduates and for children who have started school.  The programme continues to develop children’s physical skills of agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination and at the same building a child’s self-confidence through positive encouragement and achievement of tasks designed to suit the individual skill level of each child. 

Gymbobs offers more demanding and challenging skills and introduces the children to the concept of warming up their bodies and exercising with and without equipment.  Now the children are older and have developed greater comprehension skills and longer concentration spans, they are also introduced to the concept of teamwork through the use of games and relays.


Aims and Objectives

  • Extend your child's practical skills and improve their body management by using more demanding exercises and equipment layouts.
  • To teach children how to look after their bodies so they do not hurt themselves and understand their limitations. 
  • Teach chidren how to work as a team, to help and encourage each other and to judge the value of their own contribution.  This will be the first time your child will be introduced to the concept of teamwork and relays within the Tumble Tots programme. 
  • Encourage your child to express their own unique personality in an acceptable and reasonable way.
  • Provide a safe but challenging physical environment to motivate the children to develop self-discipline and control their energy.
  • Help the children to overcome their frustrations and accept help when needed and appreciate others may require assistance too.
  • Provide a positive and encouraging springboard for children to explore their own potential and delight in the skills they have mastered.
  • Offer a consistent level of expectations, which encourages the children to extend themselves and take risks safely.
  • Encourage fun and friendships in a co-operative environment where each child knows they are valued and able to learn safely.
  • Help prepare your child for school knowing that they have been encouraged, built self-confidence, self-esteem and have high levels of motor skills and language skills. 


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