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2 - 3 Years

By now your child should be moving more confidently and their physical, social and language skills will have developed rapidly.  As your child now starts to develop listening skills, the 2 - 3 Years class is structured around 'activity stations' which each have their own identity.  The equipment layout is in some cases higher and more demanding but they are still within the capabilities of this age group. Once again the parent/carer plays a huge part within the class structure.


 Aims and Objectives

  • To improve the co-ordination of hand, eye, foot control, balance, climbing and all round agility.
  • Teach your child to listen carefully so that they can follow a two-part instruction.
  • Encourage your child to follow simple rules and take turns without being reminded.
  • Teach your child to take risks but do so as safely as possible by helping them to understand their skills and limitations. 
  • Introduce higher and more challenging equipment. Success on this will increase your child's confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Encourage children to try being a leader and a follower through making 'trains'. 
  • Co-operation with other children is encouraged by the group activities.
  • Increase the child's concentration span and willingness to try again on tasks they found challenging.
  • Encourage your child's memory skills by helping him to watch and listen carefully, copy and revise the same activity the following week. 
  • Language development now plays a more significant role in sessions, as children are encouraged to chat at the start of the sessions and participate in action songs.