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3 Years - School Age


Children now take part on their own during the session enabling them to boost their confidence by achieving activities without parental guidance. Staff guide them to fulfil their potential. The children will further develop their motor skills, tackle tasks and enhance their skills of agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination.  Within the class the children will actively participate in small groups developing listening and language skills.  


Aims and Objectives 

  • Continue to develop a child's motor skills and confidence.
  • Encourage children to listen and remember simple instructions so that they can carry them out after a short time delay.
  • Encourage children to co-operate together and build positive relationships with each other.
  • Develop your child's confidence and physical ability so that they can take part without needing a parent/carer to support.
  • Set a high standard of behaviour to give the child practice at following rules and adapting their behaviour to different situations.
  • Teach children how to remember sequences of activities and break new challenges down into manageable chunks so that they can succeed.
  • Teach the child to respect the skills and abilities of other children.
  • Help children to wait their turn, learn from watching others and work as part of a group.
  • Encourage children to make simple decisions and choices and show how their opinion and their efforts are valued.
  • Listen to, recall and join in with action songs, thus developing creativity.  
  • Creativity is further stimulated with the contribution of their own ideas on the equipment.