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10th June 2019

Tumble Tots Telford

                           Forward Rolls


Forward rolls are so much fun and can be achieved from any age as long at the child is in the right position and they are tall enough.

The right hand and head positions are so important as to protect the child’s neck and shoulder muscles. The main fear with a forward roll from all parents is when the child turns their head just as they roll over and they hurt their neck. I always remember my husband (now franchisee for Tumble Tots Telford) physically whine when our eldest would attempt them on her own at 17 months old. As she was a Tumble Tot from 6 months old, of course she had the perfect position and over she would go.


Now, lets get to the why we do forward rolls and encourage them from an early age.

  1. it is creating a movement memory, which in effect frees up thinking space.
  2. it helps with the strength and development of eye-tracking, which we need for reading and writing.
  3. encouraging bilateral control. Now this is making both sides of the body to work together
  4. Core strength which is essential for learning to crawl, sit, ride and bike =, swim etc
  5. Builds loads of confidence and self- assurance
  6. It takes perseverance to master them and this is what we want children to master in spades. Children love to achieve things on their own and this skill is not only easy but really good for them as well and loads and loads of fun!!


Train times

When your child turns 2 years old, we go into smaller groups of 1:6 leader to child ratio. The children are placed onto a station either a climbing, agility, balance or co-ordination. They play for roughly 7 minutes and at the end of this time a horn goes off and all the children get to their train spots, where they make the most beautiful trains?!?

I say ?!? because they can sometimes be amazing with all children on them and sometimes you get absolutely nobody on it. Both are fine with us.

There are a few reasons why we make trains:

1. It is a safe and organised way to get around the room

2. It helps with confidence

3. Helps a child use their imagination

4. Helps with social awareness

5. Encourages team work

6. Builds friendships

7. They are FUN, FUN, FUN!

When your child turns 3 and works on their own the trains become more than the above. They become one of the most important parts of the class. They start to get to the train spot last but insist on standing at the front of the train. This is great to see as it shows the confidence in the child, as well as the fact that they are comfortable enough with us to try it on. Like they would with an Auntie or Uncle. And like that family member we do not let them get away with it either.

We don’t talk about trains with Gymbobs as they just tend to line up and move on mass. They are so well versed on the Gymbobs programme that even when we start to dance around the room and mess about (which happens quite a lot in Gymbobs) they still find their way to where they should be and never go wrong. Just by making trains Tumble Tots is working on waiting, sharing, taking turns, building friendships and using their imagination. These trains make up 4 minutes of our class time, so what can you expect from the other 41 minutes? Well …..

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