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Tumble Tots at Home TAKE 3!

Providing activities and entertainment to little ones at home!

6th January 2021

Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd

When Charlotte first started doing virtual children’s activities classes in March 2020 after the country was put into national lockdown and our classes were postponed, I bet she never through we would be here again, and again!

To keep the momentum of classes going Charlotte will be LIVE (again) on Facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to deliver fun physical activities, games, exercises and songs for pre-school children to watch and take part in from home FREE of charge.

During the last two lockdowns we saw THOUSANDS of viewers tune in not only from the UK but across the world and we made some great new friends along the way who we hope we will be seeing again this time around!

We know that lockdown can and will be a difficult time for families with children which is why we have decided to provide these virtual classes once more.

Tumble Tots believes that physical exercise is so important for children’s development, and both physical and mental health so whilst classes are closed we want to do everything we can to keep littles ones happy, healthy and entertained!

So tune in LIVE on Facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am starting Monday 11th January!

Members and non-members are all invited to join in with the sessions and although you don’t need anything to take part, we recommend you make some space in your living rooms ready for action!

You can join in on Facebook LIVE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am, or if you miss the LIVE session, you can catch up with us later as the videos will be published on Facebook as well as uploaded to YouTube.

Tune in on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile OR watch on the big screen! If you have a smart TV, try the Facebook video app on Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Samsung Smart TVs.

Make sure you comment on the live videos so Charlotte can say hello to you and your little ones don’t forget to share videos and photos of your little ones joining in at home!

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We will be practicing our co-ordination skills, so if you haven’t already, you can get all the equipment you need from the Tumble Tots Online Shop including TWO new Tumble Tots at Home Packs!

Tumble Tots at Home Equipment Pack 1  = £12.00

•  2 Lummi Sticks
•   1 Bean Bag
•   1 Activity Ring
•   1 Streamer

Click here to buy from our Online Shop >>

Tumble Tots at Home Equipment Pack 2  = £9.99

•  2 Lummi Sticks
•   1 Bean Bag
•   1 Inflatable Ball
•   1 Foam Frisbee

Click here to buy from our Online Shop >>

Tumble Tots at Home Extension Pack  = £2.99

•  1 Pouch
•   Sticker Sheet

Click here to buy from our Online Shop >>


However, we do have some suggestions for alternative items that you can find in and around the home to use instead:

•   Streamer Alternative: Towel or Scarf
•   Lummi Sticks Alternative: Wooden Spoons or Pencils
•   Balloon & Balloon Cover Alternative: Toilet Roll or Small Ball
•   Bean Bag Alternative: Pair of Socks or Small Teddy Bear
•   Activity Ring Alternative: Toilet Roll or Empty Cardboard Tube


•   Helps to build and understand spatial awareness
•   Helps to develop collaborative play
•   Helps to strengthen cognitive development
•   Helps aid Fundamental Movements (Balancing & Agility)
•   Helps to develop Fine Motor Skills

We know that little ones will be missing their stickers as well as classes so we’ve put together some special Tumble Tots at Home sticker designs that you can either buy from the Tumble Tots Online Shop OR download and print at home.


TT@Home Stickers – 5 Pack £4.99
TT@Home Stickers – Single Pack £1.49

•   Each sheet contains six stickers, one of each design.
•   There are six different designs.
•   Each sticker is 60mm x 60mm.

(Please note a delivery charge of £1 will be applied if only purchasing one pack of stickers).


You can print these onto regular paper or if you want REAL stickers, we recommend using these round labels from eBay.

Please note that our design fits the ’50mm/15 per sheet’ option only and may not fit other labels. 10 sheets from this supplier costs £2.49.

Click here to download the print at home version.

Listen to all the Tumble Tots action songs and rhymes from home on any of the following channels by searching for us or clicking on the links below:

🎶 Amazon Music
🎶 Apple Music
🎶 Spotify
🎶 YouTube Music

OR you can buy our CDs from the Tumble Tots Online Shop!

Click on an drawing to download, print off at home and colour in!

During lockdown, we want to keep little ones as entertained as possible so in addition to the LIVE Facebook sessions, we have also been putting together other activities to do at home which help with the development of physical, social and cognitive skills (as well as being super fun!)


1) Gather a selection of boxes or saucepans along with a couple of wooden spoons. Arrange them in a space, put on ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ and bang the boxes just like a drum.

2) Gather a selection of forks and spoons (or something similar), find a space and ask your little one to make different shapes.

3) Gather a selection of different coloured household items i.e. socks, crayons, etc. Encourage your little one to identify the colours, then task them to collect certain items i.e. 2 red items, all the yellow items, maybe one of each, etc.

4) Using a selection of boxes or clean and empty food containers i.e. Yoghurt Pots, ask your little one to build a tower, give them something to roll and encourage them to roll the object to knock the tower down!

5) Gather some cardboard or paper and different shaped items then, using different coloured pens or pencils ask your little one to draw around the objects. With supervision, cut the shape out and name that shape!

6) Gather a selection of empty bottles, line them up in a row (just like a row of Skittles), find an object to roll and see how many you can knock over!


Download our Activity Grid and ask little ones to colour in the squares when they’ve completed the task!

We also have a version for Gymbobs (older children) which is slightly more challenging.

Other Downloads:
•   Word Play
•   Resource Pack
•   Well Being Activities

Come and join in with the fun adventures of TT, Spike, Jo Jo, Leesey and Jack their cute puppy.

Go with them as they crawl through their magic tunnel transporting them to different imaginary worlds, where anything can happen!

•   Watch Episode 1 FREE on YouTube
•   Buy Episodes 1-3 on DVD from the Tumble Tots Online Shop
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