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Tumble Tots at Home PIRATE Anniversary Party!

Celebrate our one year anniversary on Facebook with us!

12th March 2021

Tumble Tots HQ

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Can you believe that Charlotte has been doing Tumble Tots at Home FREE online classes for a whole year?

To celebrate we are having a Pirate themed party on Wednesday 17th March at 10am LIVE on Facebook!

As always we have plenty of things for you to make at home to join in with the party such as bunting, stickers, a hand waving flag and colour me TT.

We would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year and hope to see you when classes open after the Easter holidays!

As always, we have created pirate themed bunting for you to download and print at home!

You can use this to decorate your home whilst joining in and you can print the colour version  OR our black and white version to decorate yourselves.

Please share your photos with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or email them to marketing@tumbletots.com

Or use the hashtags #TumbleTots #TumbleTotsAtHome so we can find you.

Click here to download Colour me In TT!

We have also got some special sticker designs for you to download and print at home!

We have colour or black and white if you prefer to create your own.

You can print these onto regular paper or if you want REAL stickers, we recommend purchasing sticker paper which can be found on eBay.

Click here to download Colour me In TT!

You can also make your own flag to wave at Charlotte whilst joining in!

Use our pre-made design or print and colour your own. You can use a straw or something similar to make the handle. Please make sure your grown helps you with any cutting.

Remember to get the rest of your costumes ready or you’ll be forced to walk the plank! ARGGHHH!

Click here to download Colour me In TT!


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